Educational Drawing Apps for Kids

Technology has contributed immensely to how we all perceive, adopt, enjoy and hone our creative skills. Digital apps have played a significant role in this trend, providing us with quick tools to learn everything from photography to creative writing. Children are at the forefront of this aspect of technology, with loads of new apps being developed to help them learn and improve their artistic skills. As drawing is one of the most prevalent creative outlets for children, we have compiled a list of the top best educational drawing apps for kids below. Find out what’s in store for this young generation of budding artists.


Drawing Pad (Android, iOS)


One of the simplest, but most fun, drawing apps for kids out there is Drawing Pad. This unique app offers a very minimalist user interface, but comes loaded with a variety of coloring books and tools. Kids can take their pick by using chalk and crayons as their tools of choice or, if they are willing to sink their teeth into something a little more advanced, they can also give some of the other more professional tools a shot. In fact, Drawing Pad offers results that mimic those of Adobe, so you can go really far in terms of artistic expression. In that case, you and your kids can enjoy this one together.

Doodle Buddy (Android, iOS)


What great mobile casinos like are to adults, Doodle Buddy is to children. This app mimics the same fun, social and sometimes competitive nature of mobile casinos that attracts fans so that kids can also enjoy themselves freely, socialize and see who draws best! Kids can simply play with color, finger paint, use fun symbols or emojis and connect with friends to paint together!

Disney Creativity Studio (Android, iOS)


This app is both fun and highly informative, providing children with step-by-step instructions on how to draw Disney characters. Children can learn the art of painting, sketching and drawing via thorough and elaborate lessons. Undeniably, this is the definition of an educational app. With a variety of in-app purchases available as well, Disney Creativity Studio might be the only app any budding artist will ever need.


Drawing and learning how to do so is made easy with these three nifty apps. Whether your child has a knack for art, or you’d like to see them improve, apps like these will surely do the trick. Rest assured, you might find yourself making good use of them as well!



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