Technology has contributed immensely to how we all perceive, adopt, enjoy and hone our creative skills.

Digital apps have played a significant role in this trend, providing us with quick tools to learn everything from photography to creative writing. Children are at the forefront of this aspect of technology, with loads of new apps being developed to help them learn and improve their artistic skills. As drawing is one of the most prevalent creative outlets for children, we have compiled a list of the top best educational drawing apps for kids below. Find out what’s in store for this young generation of budding artists.


Drawing Pad (Android, iOS)



Drawissimo Kids relaunches with improvements and iOS support

Today we are launching our latest Android and finally also an iOS version, which is coming for the first time to the iPad. Drawissimo Kids is the only step-by-step drawing tutorial app that uses your camera lens to teach drawing techniques faster and more efficiently.



Does the name Sailor Moon ring a bell?

Do you remember a blonde middle-school student named Usagi Tsukino that transforms into a superhero and fights in the names of justice and love? Now, that was Sailor Moon.



4 Things you probably didn’t know about Luke Skywalker

The first thing is, that he will never die. Luke’s Force Ghost is so strong, that he will never die. He became one with the Force: the power and energy that integrates all living fields. This energy surrounds us all and binds together the entire galaxy. Do you feel it?



It’s good to be … green.

We are sure that you have already seen at least one episode of Shrek. It’s a story that brings fun to children and adults, but also hides an important lesson. Read below to discover what this lesson is all about and how to master the moves of drawing Shrek.



5 Reasons to Watch Star Wars

Have you already watched Star Wars? If not, there are 5 important Reasons why you should watch at least one episode of the franchise. Later on we will make sure you know how to draw a few of the main characters.



The 5 most famous Da Vinci drawings and paintings

Leonardo Da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, scientist, mathematician and engineer from Italy. His paintings and drawings are most famous and he is considered to be one of the greatest painters of all time. We have chosen to present to you 5 of his most famous artworks. Which one do you like best?



7 comparisons: Christmas Then vs. Now

By growing up, our perception of Christmas changes. Different things are important to children than adults. For example, children desperately want to see Santa Claus, so they wait for him all night, while adults often just want a little relief from all the stress they are surrounded with. And how do you experience Christmas?



How To Draw the 5 Most Popular Cartoon Characters

Cartoons are very popular with kids all around the world, and adults as well. There are some cartoons that will never be forgotten although modern TV features new cartoons. We have chosen the 5 Most Popular Cartoons of all time and we want to show you, how easy it is to draw their characters with our Drawissimo App.

Drawing Cartoons Characters=


Why should children learn to draw?

Drawing is one of the first activities children are able to do. By drawing, children can express their feelings, their first impressions and also their creativity. Today, in the Age of Touch Technology, many parents forget how important it is to give their children crayons and paper. We have listed 4 important reasons why children should learn to draw.

Why Learn To Draw=


Top 15 reviews of our Drawing App

We are very glad to see so many positive reviews of our app, that’s why we decided to choose what were in our opinion the top 15 reviews. They made us feel very happy and will definitely convince you to try our app, if you haven’t done so already 😉 Check quickly if your review is among them!

New Drawing App=


A New Version is Coming Up!

We have a great announcement to make! Our team is working on a new version of Drawissimo Kids-Draw and Enjoy. The new version is going to have couple of awesome features that we already know will be be super interesting for children. Today we will give you a basic presentation of these features. We can’t wait to reveal more about them. Coming soon.

New Drawing App=


Why do witches have warts?

Halloween. It’s a day, that is sweet and spooky at the same time. Sweet because children go and search for candies, and spooky because there are ghosts, spiders, black cats and bats all around. And, of course, WITCHES. We will teach you how to draw them.

How to Draw a Witch


Our app got 4 / 5 * in EAS review!

“Drawissimo is an app built on an interesting premise – that of converting an Android device into a sophisticated tool for tracing pictures, and ultimately learning how to draw.”


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